Stormwater Management

Managing water resources and protecting the watershed

A Critical Component

Stormwater management is a critical component of land development and ecosystem protection. It reduces excess runoff from rainwater or melted snow and allows the water to replenish aquifers and natural bodies of water. Paying attention to stormwater management, and ensuring a proper system design, can help avoid problems with:

Pollution: Stormwater runoff can pick up oils, pesticides, fertilizers, litter, and other harmful contaminants as it flows to natural bodies of water. Proper management can protect plants, wildlife, and drinking water, and also ensure development is environmentally sustaining.

Land erosion: When water doesn’t have a stable or natural pathway, it creates new paths, displacing soil and depositing it in a lower landscape. Respecting the power of water and how it drains through an area can guard against property damage, pollution, and flooding.

Flooding and infrastructure damage: Excessive amounts of stormwater runoff can overwhelm ineffective ditches, drains, and sewers. With a true understanding of this, and with proper planning, flooding—which damages infrastructure and wreaks havoc on the land—can be avoided.

Innovative & Practical Solutions

Trio Engineering believes stormwater management is an integral element of a successful project. Our team of experienced professionals minimizes disruption to natural land elements by overseeing water flow and quality. Managing our water resources, and protecting the watershed and those within it, is our priority.

Trio Engineering leverages the most up-to-date stormwater modeling and water quality analysis software programs and embraces green infrastructure—absorbing and filtering stormwater where it falls—to meet clients’ goals and needs. Our innovative, practical solutions protect you and your property while working towards a safer, more sustainable future.

Our Services Include:

  • Stormwater Management Plans
  • Infiltration & Bioretention Design
  • Detention & Retention Design
  • Permeable Pavement Systems
  • Low-Impact Development Strategies
  • Long-Term Maintenance Agreements


Our portfolio includes many types of projects. Here are a couple that used our Stormwater Management services. Review our portfolio – then imagine what we can do for you.

We Love Our Clients

Trio makes it a priority to learn about and understand our clients and their needs. We promise each of them a better experience – and we always make time for them when they need us.

Trio Engineering consistently exceeds expectations by performing at a high level, meeting or beating defined deadlines, and coming prepared to pivotal meetings with governmental decision makers. They remain attentive to the minute details without losing sight of the big picture. Everyone I’ve interacted with is skilled, passionate about what they do, and of high character. I can trust them to communicate with respect and humility while ensuring projects proceed through the entitlement process. Their lack of turnover is indicative of a healthy culture that allows each Trio team member to thrive and enjoy their career as they continue refining their craft. It has truly been a joy working with Trio through the years, and I’m excited about what we will accomplish together in the future. I can’t recommend them enough.

Ryan McMurtrie
Director of Development

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