Municipal Inspections

Meeting municipal standards through precise, detailed documentation

Ensuring Compliance

Municipal inspections play a vital role in the civil engineering process, ensuring that projects are safe, comply with applicable regulations, and meet municipality standards. Collaborating with municipalities and ensuring properly completed construction means that communities benefit from quality infrastructure.

Improving Communities

Trio Engineering works hand-in-hand with municipalities to create new developments and infrastructure—handling inspections, providing precise and detailed documentation, and recording drawings and digital information. We clearly articulate our vision to municipalities to secure their approval, thanks to an unmatched depth of understanding in all facets of site development and expansion.

We earn the trust and approval of municipalities, eliminate headaches, and guarantee safe projects that will improve your community.

Our Services Include:

  • Construction Observation
  • Precise and Detailed Documentation
  • Record Drawings & Digital Information


Our portfolio includes many types of projects. Here are a couple that used our Municipal Inspection services. Review our portfolio – then imagine what we can do for you.

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When we first started our real estate business, we were novices. Josh and the Trio team walked us through the entire process and advised us how to make our projects efficient from the staging construction perspective and cost perspective. We rapidly grew and continued to work with the Trio Engineering team. We continue to be extremely pleased with the insight, commitment, and dedication provided to our projects. They are responsive and always willing to go the extra step to make sure our projects meet, and exceed, our expectations. We look forward to continuing our relationship!

Arthur Sawall

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