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Improving Communities

Trio is committed to improving communities, one project at a time. Each client’s needs are unique, and every factor affecting a project is taken into consideration to ensure success. We create developments that stand the test of time. From ideation to execution, we guarantee your satisfaction through collaboration, creative designs, and thoughtful care of the land. Together, we can turn your dream into reality.


Transforming your vision into reality: planning, pre-design, design, documentation, bidding, pre-construction, and construction.


Ensuring project success through innovative planning, due diligence preparation services, and guidance through regulatory and approval processes.


Creating your project’s foundation using the latest technology: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), robotic total stations, and more.


Leveraging up-to-date software and green infrastructure to protect you and your property, creating a more sustainable future.


Fulfilling municipal standards with precise and detailed documentation for quality infrastructure and safe projects.

We Love Our Clients

Trio makes it a priority to learn about and understand our clients and their needs. We promise each of them a better experience – and we always make time for them when they need us.

Trio Engineering consistently exceeds expectations by performing at a high level, meeting or beating defined deadlines, and coming prepared to pivotal meetings with governmental decision makers. They remain attentive to the minute details without losing sight of the big picture. Everyone I’ve interacted with is skilled, passionate about what they do, and of high character. I can trust them to communicate with respect and humility while ensuring projects proceed through the entitlement process. Their lack of turnover is indicative of a healthy culture that allows each Trio team member to thrive and enjoy their career as they continue refining their craft. It has truly been a joy working with Trio through the years, and I’m excited about what we will accomplish together in the future. I can’t recommend them enough.

Ryan McMurtrie
Director of Development

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